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Ironwood Hills Lost Boys

bestter test-2

Maitreya Mesh Body



[taketomi] – Jessica-C88

_CandyDoll_Kiara Dress- C88

Contrax. – Summer Fedora- FGC

Contrax. – Black Leather Collar- FGC

Contrax. – Demonic Doll-FGC

REIGN.– Peep Toe Pumps

Absolut Vendetta- Hydra Ring- Vista

PUNCH -Nose Ring

Izzie’s – Dirty Nails

[POUT!] Horror Eye collection- CATWA Eye Applier

Shape Custom made by Romy and Kat 😀

Scene- Ironwood Hills

[La Baguette] Valentine Cushions and Kiokiom Bento poses